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Workout Of the Day

"Saturday 4/19/2014"

"Working Your Goat" WOD
You were a part of creating this WOD by commenting on our Community Blog (gets priorty) and Facebook Page.

Ring Dips



"Working Your Goat" WOD

We will be closed this Sunday for Easter. We will have only one class Saturday at 10AM. Be part of creating the WOD by posting your "goat" (something you struggle with) lift or movement to comments. The CrossFit Kids class is cancelled as well as the 8:30AM Group Class. Enjoy your Easter!

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  • Thrusters, OH walking lunge, OHS (sounds like a nasty complex) with prowlers!

    Posted by Coach Dana, 04/18/2014 (19 hours ago)


BGI has provided new athletic challenges that this runner didn’t know existed. It has...

- Mary Bart


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