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Workout Of the Day

"Saturday 4/25/2015"

3 Round For Time In 3 Person Teams-

200m Prowler Push to:
Station 1 Weight Plate Burpees
Station 2 Overhead Squats
Station 3 Sumo Deadlift Plates

Prowler can be pushed, unloaded, and reloaded as a team but only 1 person at a time working on reps.



Week 1 of 6-Week Challenge

Your goal this week is to research Paleo, Zone and Eat to Perform (Macro Counting) and decide what Nutrition program fits best into your lifestyle. We all know that Nutrition is 80-90% of your results in any fitness program. You can not out train a bad diet! Here are the programs we recommend for:

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  • The link to wodify to purchase spot is not letting me purchase....after I log in says I do not have system admin. :)

    Posted by wendy, 04/20/2015 (6 days ago)


Crossfit, to me, has meant an awakening. It has removed the blinders I’ve had on...

- Paul Fournier- Marlins Strength Coach


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